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Ceramic Bracket

[ Products Description ]
Conveyer at present is made of steel as the main material. It is rust able, not corrosion-resistant capacity for chemical material, such as acid\ alkali, salt etc., the life is normally 1-2 years, the life of strap is shorten with high abrasion. Aim at above deficiency, our company developed the airproof porcelain drag roller with high strength, it is rustless and strong corrosion-proof, the life is up to 4-5 years. The life of the strap is prolonged, as the surface is smooth, abrasion is 0.1%. The roller is never stolen, because the porcelain is useless for recovery. The above product is adopted with high quality steel, precisely machined, domestic famous brand bearing, exempted of inspection, as the moving part, on the inside and outside of bearing was assem bled with the labyrinth sealed ring, in order to prevent from water and dust. The product has the high concentric and no. moving out feature, as it is assembled on the high precise assemble rack.

[ Model size ]

Φ89×190 Φ89×750
Φ89×240 Φ89×950
Φ89×305 Φ89×1150
Φ108×375 Φ108×305
Φ103×1340 Φ103×445
Note: The other size according to user's drawing

[ Specification ]

Crushing strength 145MP
Bend strength 80-120MP
Hardness 7级(Mohs)
Temperature -8-180°C
Density 2.35g/cm3
Abrasion % <0.1
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