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Acid-Resistant Tiles and Plates

[ Products Description ]
Acid-Resistant Bricks and Plates are widely used in drying and absorbing towers, reaction towers and tands in metallurgica, chemical and petrochemical processes. They are also used for antiseptic poor and flooring in containment areas.

[ Chemical composition ]
Item Index
Size(mm) ±3
Proportion(g/cm3) 2.2-2.4
Water absorption % <0.5
Crushing Strength ≥150
Flexural Strength Mpa ≥40
Mohn's hardness ≥6.5
Acid resistance % ≥99.8
Thermal Stability °C ≥100
[ Main specification ]
Name spec
Name spec
Regular Bricks 230×113×65 Vertical Bricks 230×113×35/65
Regular Bricks 230×65×65 Vertical Bricks 230×113×25/65
Wedge Bricks 230×113×55/65 Acid-resistant Boards 150×150×30
Wedge Bricks 230×113×45/65 Acid-resistant Boards 150×150×20
Wedge Bricks 230×113×35/65 Acid-resistant Boards 150×75×20
Vertical Bricks 230×113×25/65 Acid-resistant Boards 150×75×10
[ Acid and heat-resistant bricks, boards & pipes ]
Acid-resistant bricks and plates and acid & heat-resistant bricks and plates can be widely used in the construction of acid-resistant lining in towers, tanks, reactors, pools, floors, ditches etc. Found in chemical, metallurgical, and pyroelectric industries.
[ Major specification ]
Item unit Index Remark
Bulk density g/cm3 2.21-2.24 ASTM
Porosity % 9.3-10.5 ASTM
Water Absorption % 4.2-4.7 ASTM
Thermal stability 950-20°C No crackle thirty time DIN
Elasticity Mpa 2138 DIN
Crushing strength Mpa 123 DIN
Thermal conductivity W/m.k 1.175 DIN
Coefficient of thermal expansion 1/°C 3.2×10-6 DIN
Thermal expansion % 0.31 DIN
Acid resistance % 99.8 DIN
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